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Dagger - Green Fixie by Baseline Bicycles

Thank you for visiting our site and considering the purchase of a Baseline bicycle. To help you in making your decision, I will try to tell you as much as I can about our bicycles.

We want everyone who purchases a bike from us to know that that they have made a smart decision.  The most important thing to consider with any bike purchase is the frame. Basically, you want the best frame you can afford. We are committed to providing value. Wanting to make our bikes affordable to our target market, while still providing a great product, our frames are made of Chromoly 4130. Cheaper frames are typically made of Hi-tensile steel. Chromoly is a stronger metal as you can see here:

  • 1020 Hi-tensile steel has a yield strength of : 42,000 psi.
  • 4130 Chromoly has a yield strength of: 63,000 psi.

The Chromoly frame assures you that you are getting a quality bicycle and allows us to meet our twofold goal of providing the best bike for the best price.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

Fixed gear and Single-speed bicycles reduce a bike to the bare essentials. You need two wheels, a frame, pedals, and a couple of brakes. If you’re riding fixed, you could even get away with just one brake.  Fixed gear bikes are modeled after track bikes. On a track you can get away with not having brakes. We believe your safety is paramount so have included both front and rear brakes.

When I first saw a fixed gear bicycle I didn’t know what it meant. Now that I do, I generally ride mine fixed. However, it takes some getting used to and is not for everyone. For this reason all of our bikes come with a flip-flop rear hub (meaning that in one position you ride fixed, but flip the wheel over and there is a free-wheeling component so that you can coast). All bikes come out of the box in free-wheeling mode. What struck me and will strike you and everyone who sees you riding the bike is the simple beauty of it. Regardless of whether you are riding fixed or free-wheeling the beauty remains.

Other things to mention are the powder coated rims on our bikes. It seems silly to even mention, but some lower-end fixed gear manufacturers use a cheap spray paint. With powder coating the finish is even, has no drips and is durable.

One manufacturer suggested that we follow the lead of some of our competitors and use plastic rim tape. This is the tape that prevents the spoke nipples from puncturing your tubes. We went with a nylon rim tape.  It is not something you would notice, but why set yourself up for the hassle of a flat tire? That can ruin anyone’s day.

Other components were all chosen for their quality and value. Most consumers don’t realize that most manufacturers source their components from the same companies. Although 86% of all bicycles sold in the United States are made in China, firms in China, like the rest of the world, bring in parts from all over. We have a good understanding with our manufacturer and when the local product was lacking, we sourced from Taiwan, long recognized for their excellence and attention to quality.

Many companies (probably most) promise quality. We want you to know what that actually translates into for us:

When choosing the components to make a bicycle, there are many important decisions that need to be made. What kind of material to use for the frame and fork, what paint to use, what components to even include. At Baseline Bicycles, we believe there needs to be a baseline standard of how bicycles are made. We make our decisions to give you quality where it counts, and to save you money where possible as well.

We love these bicycles. Our friends love these bicycles. If you don’t already, once you own one you too will love these bicycles.

Every good product I've ever seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They wanted to use it themselves. - Steve Jobs

This quote by Steve Jobs describes perfectly the reason for our business. I love these bikes. My friends can’t wait to get theirs.  I am totally excited that they are now available. I know you will love them.

We love to ride. We love simplicity. We love life.

We hope you enjoy our bikes as much as we do. Click here to browse our shop.